Discover Chuta®

Chuta® nuts are an innovative new food product that has never been seen on the European market due to its novel food status. They are characterised by higher protein content than other nuts and are rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Chuta® nuts are low in carbohydrates, sugars, salt and unhealthy trans fatty acids, but have higher contents of minerals than most common nuts. Due to their nutritional composition, they contribute to a nutritious, balanced diet and promote positive effects on fitness and health.

Originally, Chuta® nuts come from Mexico and have been used by the indigenous “Totonac” people for centuries. Delicious snacks and other foods with a high nutritional value can be produced with the nuts. With Chuta® in your recipes there are no limits to creativity. You can check out our recipes to see which delicious creations we have already tried out.

Soon the Chuta® nut will be launched on the European market. Then nutritious snacks and other delicacies will be made from Chuta® – presumbly joining the ranks of superfoods.

Tropical fruit bowl with Chuta® nuts

Sugared Chuta® nuts with lime

Chuta® is a registered trademark by JatroSolutions denoting the nuts of the edible variant of the plant Jatropha curcas L. We offer high-quality planting material and professional advice for the cultivation of Chuta®. It is our great concern to actively bring valuable effects on the environment and society by promoting Chuta®. Our corporate website provides information about the activities of JatroSolutions.