Discover Chuta®

Chuta® is a high-protein nut which can serve as an innovative vegetable protein source. Due to its low sugar and sodium contents, it contributes greatly to a healthy and balanced nutrition. Chuta® is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which generally are known to have positive effects on health. Originating from Mexico, the versatile nut has been used by an indigenous group for hundreds of years. Delicious snacks and other foodstuffs with high nutritional value can be produced with Chuta®. There are no limits to your imagination when using Chuta® as a tasty ingredient in your recipes. Soon, it will be introduced onto the European market and presumably will join the ranks of superfoods.

At JatroSolutions, we offer high-quality planting material and professional guidance for growing Chuta® in tropical and subtropical regions. Click here for further information or send us a message via office@jatrosolutions.com.

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