Chuta® Fruit Bowls

Your healthy start to the day: Chuta® nuts and all kinds of fruit can be used to make a wide variety of fruit bowls. The delicious toppings and creamy enjoyment are perfect for a healthy breakfast. With the following fruity-nutty creations you will surely find it easy to start the day!

Chuta® Mango Bowl

Chuta® mango bowl

This Chuta® bowl with mango is just the right thing for anyone looking for a tropical refreshment. And the best thing about it: You can easily modify the recipe to suit your taste. We recommend mixing cardamom in the yoghurt, which will turn into a sunny yellow colour! Take the following ingredients:

    • yoghurt
    • a few juicy mango pieces
    • a handful of raspberries
    • some blueberries
    • soft oat flakes
    • a handful of chopped Chuta® nuts

Chuta® Power Bowl

Chuta® power bowl

Want a vitamin bomb? With this Chuta® power bowl you not only take in important vitamins, but also proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. The yoghurt turns grass-green if you mix it with matcha powder. If you also want to mix spinach, you get an extra portion of valuable vitamins. For the topping you use the following:

    • grapefruit
    • mango
    • kiwi
    • a handful of raspberries
    • chopped Chuta® nuts

Chuta® Plum Bowl

Chuta® plum bowl

Every season has its advantages – including, of course, the wonderful autumn! For all plum and nut lovers we have created this delicious bowl. This is what you need:

    • yoghurt
    • three to four plums
    • half an apple
    • a handful of chopped Chuta® nuts
    • some chia seeds
    • a pinch of cinnamon

Tip: For more sweetness you can spread some honey on the bowl.

Chuta® Açai Bowl

Chuta® açai bowl

This Chuta® açai bowl has particularly beneficial nutritional values. The açai berry comes from South America and is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Delicious berries and banana slices are also available for a sweet treat. You will need the following ingredients:

    • yoghurt
    • a few freshly cut banana slices
    • raspberries
    • blueberries
    • coconut chips
    • a handful of chopped Chuta® nuts
    • a pinch of açai powder