Our Philosophy

It is our aim to contribute to well-being and economic growth

A Nut for Sustainability

The promotion of Chuta® has many positive effects on the environment and society and is therefore very close to the heart of the employees of JatroSolutions. With the cultivation and promotion of Chuta® we want to contribute to prosperity and economic growth in rural areas of developing countries. To this end we create jobs and offer additional sources of income by developing innovative markets for agricultural products. We always attach great importance to working in harmony with nature and establishing climate-intelligent agriculture and sustainable value chains.

Chuta® fruits on the tree

Innovative Protein Source

In view of the increasing global demand for protein, with Chuta® we offer an innovative vegetable protein source. Due to their high oil content of 50-60% and protein content of 25-30%, Chuta® nuts are an excellent support for a balanced diet, helping to build up and maintain our physical and mental fitness. Chuta® nuts can also represent a valuable foodstuff for regions with nutritional deficiencies.

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