Registration Status

Chuta® Is On the Way

Chuta® nuts and tropical fruits

Foods that have not yet been used for human consumption to a significant extent before 15 May 1997 in the European market are called novel foods. According to the European Novel Food Regulation such foods must first be approved and registered for the European market. Our Chuta® nuts are categorized as novel foods due to their exotic origin. They are already in the final stages of registration, so they will soon be available throughout Europe.

The European Food Safety Authority closely examines all applications for novel foods to ensure they are safe for human health. Like any other novel food, our Chuta nuts® are subject to intensive, standardised safety testing. In the past time we have worked intensively to achieve the registration of Chuta® nuts and are proud to announce that we expect their Novel Food approval in 2022.

Chuta® nuts for a snack