What is Chuta®?

facts about the nut and the fruit

What is Chuta®?
  • Chuta® is a protein-rich nut with high quality contents of fatty acids
  • Chuta® is a perennial shrub and a favorable cash crop, particularly in regions with limited water availability

Where does Chuta® come from?
  • Chuta® originated in the Veracruz region of Mexico
  • It has been used as food for hundreds of years by the “Totonac”,
    an indigenous group in Mexico
  • It is currently brought as novel food to the European market by JatroSolutions GmbH

What we offer
  • A new, versatile, delicious and nutritious product for the European market
  • Technical guidance from a team of experts
  • Elite seeds for growing Chuta®
  • Partnerships and cooperation projects at farm and manufacturing level
  • Further information for growers, producers and investors can be found here
  • If you have any further questions on Chuta® nuts, please send us an e-mail to office@jatrosolutions.com