What is Chuta®?


Our Product Chuta®

Chuta® is a protein-rich nut ideal for health- and fitness-conscious people. It is characterised by considerable nutritional benefits: Chuta® is not only rich in protein, but also in minerals, fibre and first-class unsaturated fatty acids. Furthermore, it has low contents of carbohydrates, sugars and salt. It is an excellent source of energy for athletes, vegetarians, vegans and outdoor sports lovers as well as people with gluten-related allergies. Chuta® nuts are cultivated under strict safe and high quality conditions with the support of cooperation partners in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Roasted Chuta® nuts

Nut bars made from Chuta®

Where this Nut Originally Comes From

The nut comes from Mexico, where it is consumed as a valuable foodstuff by the indigenous “Totonac” group. They use the nuts for prepararing traditional dishes such as “tamales” and “pipián”. Its special, delicious taste refines a wide variety of dishes.

Origin of Chuta® nuts

Chuta® nuts with pepper dip

Use of Chuta®

Chuta® nuts are a valuable source of plant-based energy, especially in a vegan diet. Delicious snacks such as protein-rich and high fiber cereal bars, muesli or mixed breakfast cereals and nut mixtures can be made from Chuta®. If consumed as whole nuts, they can be seasoned in any number of tasty variations. Furthermore, they can eventually be used to produce highly nutrious flour, which serves as a basis for protein bars, bread, tortillas and other baked goods as well as confectionery products. Since the nuts contain no gluten, they can be used in gluten-free diets. Moreover, no nut allergens have been detected in Chuta® nuts so far.

Chuta® nuts roasted in vinegar

Bread paste made from Chuta® nuts